The tube-like shape with diagonal cut ends of Marshalls Penne makes it perfect for holding onto sauces, making it a delicious choice for dishes like penne alla vodka, or penne arrabiata. Its shape also makes it great for pasta salads, as the tubes can hold onto dressings and ingredients, ensuring that every bite is full of flavour.

Made with 100% durum wheat, Marshalls Penne pasta can also be used as a base for casseroles and baked pasta dishes. Its unique shape makes it a great choice for dishes like penne pasta bake, or as a base for vegan or meat-based pasta dishes.

Marshalls Penne Pasta (500g)

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Pasta Bakes

Pasta Salads

Macaroni Cheese

Penne Recipes

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“Marshalls make very good pasta. They cook perfectly and taste great! Very little starch residual, if any! There’s no need to rinse after cooking.”

Marlene Harrison

“Penne is such good value for money and does a great job with my Italian recipes. I always have a bag at hand.”

Edith Lowe

“Marshalls penne has a fantastic texture and holds its shape well when cooked. It is such a versatile shape and goes with lots of our family meals.”

Michelle Edwards

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