Our Story

The Marshalls story began over 130 years ago in 1885 when brothers James and Thomas Marshall began their historic Scottish partnership, creating a food dynasty to span generations.

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James had had a long and successful career in the flour merchants and mills of Glasgow – becoming one of the first food producing pioneers to sell pre-packaged products. By partnering with his engineer brother Thomas, the brothers harnessed their creativity and food producing knowhow to take Marshalls to another level – making versatile, quality products for Scottish families.

130 years on and countless awards later, Marshalls continues to make versatile, quality products – not just for Scotland but for families across the nation. Throughout the last century we have remained at the cutting edge of pasta technology, innovating and developing the finest pasta and pasta derived products. We have done this whilst keeping true to Marshalls tradition and ethos of quality, versatile food – running a pasta business James Marshall would have been truly proud of.

Of our 130 years of milling, 2020 stands to be our most exciting year yet – with three brand new innovative products on the horizon. We are proud to combine cutting edge innovation with the traditional brand values that kept James Marshall at the top of his game, and continue to serve us just as well today.